Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I won! Paperdolls!

Somehow I forgot to post about this giveaway I entered (maybe that's why I won?! :)). But I'll post the results here because these paperdolls are too cute. From Payge Lyra Handmade I won this cute little set.
The wardrobe:
All dressed up:
The doll and clothes are made of felt and the clothes just stick right on top. Chase gives a fabulous step-by-step tutorial for making these dolls here. THANK YOU Chase! I'm not sure who was more excited to open the envelope.....me or my 3 year old?
You can also find Chase at her etsy shop called PaygeLyra.


  1. oh, those are sooooo cute!!!! way to go!

  2. Hello Dana,

    Glad the paper doll arrived~ You took such nice pictures. It's fun to share with other people and I am sure you'll win again~ I love this blog!! I check it out more than other blogs ...

    best luck to you~